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Monday, December 23, 2013

Your Authentic Refreshment: Mari McCarthy, Journaling Therapist and Singer

Music can be such an empowering element in our lives, and Mari McCarthy, founder of CreateWriteNow, journaling therapist and author and host of the annual Journaling Expo, shares how true that is as she shares the wonderful, life enhancing benefits of her musical Authentic Refreshment, crediting her journaling practice in helping her discover what truly refreshes her.

Mari starts by sharing what her Authentic Refreshment is, when she discovered it and how often she engages in it:

My authentic refreshment is Singing and MusicI've loved singing and music as far back as I can remember. Right now, thanks to my daily journal writing practice, I can remember back to kindergarten. So my answer today [of when I discovered music] is kindergarten. I fell in love with Van Cliburn around age 7 and begged my mother to buy a piano so I could take piano lessons. She did and I took lessons and entered competitions for about 4-5 years. When it came to singing, my mom and I had a running repartee about that topic. I would walk around our home lamenting, “Oh mom, I wish I could sing,” and her reply was “Oh, honey I wish you could too!” 

I sing, sing, sing and groove to music every day. It’s a part of me and daily practice, practice, practice is for me an adventure of discovery and growth as well as a source of serenity

She tells how she loves singing alone or with friends:

[I sing] solo but I love breaking out into song when out at restaurants with friends. It tends to affect the waiters and other customers and becomes a real conversation piece and community builder. 

Mari shares how journaling has been an essential part of her Authentic Refreshment discovery process:

I use my daily Journal Practice for reflection on how I’m feeling psycho-spiritually about my authentic refreshment time. Through my singing and music, I've discovered I do have lots and lots of feelings and they inform my journaling and vice versa.  It was when I started Journaling about 10+ years ago that my love of music and singing showed up on my pages. So, with the help of my Journal, I set my goal to take singing lessons and become the singer I always wanted to be. Less than a month later, I read about a music school in the next town that accepted adult students. About a year later, I made my first public appearance performing Frank Sinatra’s “All the Way” and I knew I was home.

Mari shares a beautiful moment of validation with her music:

After I walked off the stage after making my first public singing appearance (Frank Sinatra's, "All the Way"), I looked up to my mother who art in heaven and said, "Mom, I can sing!" And I heard her say, "Honey, I know you can too!" I felt that my feet were firmly planted on the ground, and I was simultaneously traveling beyond the Milky Way. That night, I lay in bed and quietly yet firmly announced to the universe, "I can sing."

Mari reveals beautifully how her music nourishes her soul:

It quiets me down, helps me reconnect to my soul and pay attention to my soul, my reason for being.

Here is Mari's greatest benefit of Authentic Refreshment:

Singing and music have helped me regain my health. I haven’t taken any prescription drugs in over 10 years and I eliminated over-the counter drugs almost 5 years ago. I've changed my diet and being off dairy has helped improve my vocal range.

These are Mari's Favorite Parts of her music:

[My favorite parts are] working with my music partner Perry at his Peartree Productions studio, creating new arrangements, putting down vocal tracks, learning more about singing and my most marvelous instrument. Also performing in public.

Mari shares how her music has personally empowered her:

My singing and music informs every aspect of my life. I am much more comfortable in social situations and speaking to others: 1 person or an audience of 100. I feel I can do anything. My singing and music motivates and inspires me to reach for the stars and beyond. 

Here is an encouraging word from Mari on finding your Authentic Refreshment: 

Sit down and have some conversations with your Journal. Ask it any and all questions and write, write, write the answers. Our Journal helps us discover our wit, wisdom and our own authentic refreshment.

Here's an example of Mari's Authentic Refreshment in sound! Enjoy. 

Mari L. McCarthy is The Journal Power Guide, founder of, home of Journaling for the Self of It™. Mari offers counseling and encouragement to writers through her many online journaling resources as well as private consultations. She lives in a beachfront home south of Boston where she raises her roses and her consciousness. She enjoys photography, walking, reading, organic dark chocolate and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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