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Friday, September 13, 2013

Your Authentic Refreshment: Michelle Casto, Soul Coach, Author, Spiritual Teacher

Soul Coach, Author and Spiritual Teacher, "Bright Light" Michelle Casto shares her vibrant, "Rock Your Destiny" attitude wherever she goes. I enjoy her refreshing and enlightening questions and encouragement to follow your destiny and be authentic. In this interview, Michelle shares her Nature-Based Authentic Refreshment and how it makes a difference in her perspective and life experience. 

Michelle shares about her Nature-Based Authentic Refreshment, how often she engages in it, and why she prefers to go "solo" in her refreshment:

My greatest source of Authentic Refreshment is being in Nature. Whether it's a walk in the park, at the beach or near a tree, I breathe in nature and all she has to offer and provide. A Question I sometimes ask, "What can nature contribute to me today?"

I am making relaxation a top priority these days and learning to carve out time for fun and self-care time. My current average is three times per week. When I lived near the beach, it was a bit more often because the call of the ocean is so powerful. 

I usually find the most refreshment going solo. As a highly sensitive person, I require a lot of alone time and actually revel in it quite a bit, as it helps me to tap into my inner self and be more creative. 

Michelle shares how her refreshment time helps her to appreciate and tap into who she really is:

When I am relaxed, I am more of who I am. So it reconnects me to me. 
For me, "Me" is found in my heart. It's funny to note that when you ask most people to point to themselves, they point to their heart, not their head, arms or feet. :) 

Here is a CONNECTION to YOU process:

Sit comfortably with both feet on the floor. Breathe deeply until your shoulders drop and you are fully relaxed. Take as long as you need. Focus on your heart and turn your listening inward. Notice your heartbeat and your breath. Feel the movement of your rib cage as your lungs expand and contract. 

Sink further inward and shift your focus into the lower Tan Tien (just below your navel). Slow your breathing. Your home frequency is felt/sensed/heard in the Tan Tien, in the space between exhaling and inhaling. 

Mantra: I AM the perfect reflection of Love

Michelle talks about how her refreshment enhances her creativity:

I am a bit unusual in that I can be creative most every day, but I do know that when I gave myself permission to take self-care time, I come back rejuvenated. Then the creativity flows even more easily and fluidly. 

She shares how her refreshment validates her emotions and feelings:

I find it helps me process my emotions; for example, on a walk, run or swim, I am able to be with my feelings. They tend to dissipate more quickly [as a result]. 

Clarifying Michelle's Purpose in Life is another refreshing benefit:

There is a Chinese saying, "Tension is who you think you are; relaxation is who you really are." So, for me, being relaxed, having fun, feeling refreshed and alive is one of my purposes in life. Entrepreneurs and creatives especially need this! 

Michelle is personally empowered by her Authentic Refreshment:

Authentic Refreshment empowers me to be authentically "real" and more grounded in what is going on around me. 

Michelle encourages folks to find Authentic Refreshment:

Drop what you are doing and go do something to refresh yourself; start now and commit to a regular practice because you deserve to feel alive!

Here Michelle shares a youtube video where she describes why it's important to take time to refresh yourself! 

Michelle Casto's Bio:

Through her practice of transformational coaching, Michelle Casto helps people release what's in the way of fulfilling their greatest Destiny. Michelle combines a unique formula of spiritual guidance and mindset re-setting techniques with an empathetic and intuitive heart to help her clients access the self-love, courage and confidence essential to creating Life on Purpose and with the highest consciousness. 

Michelle focuses on the heart of the matter and expertly reveals where you may be deceiving yourself and buying into illusions or outdated belief systems to set your Soul free to Succeed.

A prolific author, her latest book is The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul's Path to Success, available on and audio version on 

She lives in Austin, Texas with her beloved and two dachshunds. 

Visit at