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Friday, October 4, 2013

Your Authentic Refreshment: Stephen Smith, Artist and Hobbyist of War Games

Whether it's sharing photos of his latest hand-crafted recipe or his custom-created Morning Pages approach to journal writing, Stephen Smith, is a natural creator in many forms. One of those forms is through his
fascinating War Games hobby featuring his hand-crafted Toy Soldiers as his Authentic Refreshment. Stephen shows us how taking the time to do something creative in your day can give you a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie with those with similar interests.

Stephen shares what refreshes him, how he learned about it and how often he engages in his Authentic Refreshment:

I enjoy reading and fishing and camping, but I probably get the most out of my hobby activities, building and painting miniature soldiers in particular. A friend of mine introduced me to tabletop miniature war-gaming in the early 90’s, and just like that, I was addicted. I usually work on some aspect of the hobby at least once a week, sometimes as often as five times; it depends on my schedule and what is going on around the Smith household.

Stephen shares about his creative drive and his childhood refreshment in relation to what he does today:

I have always enjoyed working with my hands and doing creative things ever since I was a kid. I used to draw and paint-by-numbers, but over the years I have found most joy in these little metal or plastic men (and women). [My Authentic Refreshment] is really an offshoot of my own creative drive and interest in history and science fiction; it gives me a chance to create something that I can share. 

Stephen talks about his custom approach to his war-game activity and how he shares it with other gamers:

From time-to-time, yes, [I will change it to suit my preferences]. I will often cut apart and re-pose the model soldiers, or modify model vehicles, so suit my tastes and inspirations.

The “hobbyist” portion [of my crafting] is solo, but it is also fun to get together with others and play the games.

Stephen shares how he applies journal writing and other educational sources to his Authentic Refreshment:

I have used a journal to record games (what happened on a turn-by-turn basis, see a detailed example) as well as to keep notes on what kinds of tactics worked and which did not. I also have a digital “scrapbook” of images and tutorial videos that I reference when painting.

He comments on the benefits of his Authentic Refreshment, including the greatest benefit of all:

I find it to be rewarding and relaxing; remarkably I can sit and work on my models for hours at a time, yet my ADD often makes sitting still very difficult. I enjoy the time alone, and the time sharing and exchanging ideas with other hobbyists; and I appreciate the recognition they often provide on a “job well done.”

He also shares how he anticipates his Authentic Refreshment, how he benefits in the moment, how he feels afterwards and what his favorite part is:

Oh, yes, I do look forward to having my time in “the workshop.” After I am usually tired, in a good way, and feel like I have accomplished something. My favorite part is creating amazing little works of art.

When asked if his Authentic Refreshment helps him to appreciate himself for who he really is at his core, this was his reply:

I am 43 years old and still not sure who I really am at my core… I suspect that there is a chef in there, trying to get out.

Stephen shares how his perspective has changed as a result of his Authentic Refreshment:

I have been able to learn a lot from others that has raised my own skill level to a point where I feel comfortable taking on very difficult modeling/sculpting/building challenges.

Finally, Stephen shares a word of encouragement for those still looking for their Authentic Refreshment:

Keep looking! Find something that you can’t imagine NOT doing. Then work at it, get better at it, and revel in the ‘afterglow.’

Stephen Smith is a married, forty-something living in Western New Hampshire who still likes to play with toy soldiers. He's had a varied work history, mostly focused on Hospitality and Entrepreneurship. Stephen and his Lovely Bride are currently planning on purchasing a small farm to join the Local Food Movement and supply a Food Truck. 

You can view his online writing and blog, Words,  here. 

When he's not at his workbench, painting away, you can find him in the woods, hiking and fishing. 

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